Happy House Owner

Our Housing services is all about walking with you from the moment you decided to own a House to when you pick up the keys from the developers. We train our members the process through which they can acquire and own a House, Shop, Factory and or Company. Our step by step guard will hold your hand and walk you through the challenges in the process of acquiring a loan for your projects in as much as the said member is dedicated to the Terms and Conditions. 

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Civil Engineer

Now we dont just help you achieve your Goal we also use this space judiciousely to create job opportunities for members that show interest in exploring their profession.

that is to say we provide them with offer such as.

  • Engineering
  • Architect
  • Q.S
  • Tile Fixers
  • Electricians
  • Brick Layers
  • Plumbers
  • E.T.C

We at CampusCredit Cooperative; we carry our Family along . We dont just walk our members through, we stay to mentor and watch them Grow.

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